The Simple Guide to Buying Your New Home

How to Buy the Right Home at the Right Price in Any Market

Many consider home ownership the American dream. In fact, property ownership is a well-known builder of wealth in our culture. For those contemplating home ownership today, the risks of declining values, fears of buying a maintenance headache, and the countless problems associated with the mortgage crisis have made the dream far less enticing.

Without a doubt, purchasing a home may be the biggest financial commitment some people will ever make. Sadly, most first-time buyers do not know where to start when beginning the process. This leads them to blindly trusting real estate agents, banks, and other professionals, instead of familiarizing themselves with the process. In our society,  people should not only have the right to home ownership, but also have the right to get accurate information from credible sources. An informed consumer ultimately makes the best homeowner.

In this one-of-a-kind resource you will learn the importance of:

  1. Asking questions and uncovering a treasure chest of information about your prospective home, the seller and your real estate team.
  2. Making a decision based on the “90/10 Rule.” Ninety percent will be the facts that you are presented with and ten percent will be listening to your gut feeling and following your heart.
  3. Being confident in yourself, because you have the knowledge, tools and resources to walk with your head high and make your own decisions.

By investing in this book you opened the door to an entire library of information about buying your home. The provided information will serve as guiding lights on your journey. Throughout the course of this book you will notice many references to online resources that accompany this book. The checklists, letters and, tips will accelerate you on your path to becoming a home buying expert.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

If you use the methods explained in this book and you do not save at least $500.00 on your purchase or refinance , call us to return the book and I will refund DOUBLE the price you paid for the book excluding shipping.*

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