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Real Estate Expert, Speaker and Author

A skilled mortgage professional is both knowledgeable and adept in identifying clients’ needs. Growing up in a working-class Baltimore community taught Kwe Parker the importance of hard work, integrity and helped formulate the compassion he uses to guide people through financial transactions. This may explain why Kwe views his mortgage banking career as an opportunity to help people fulfil their dreams of homeownership and show them ways to leverage real estate to build wealth.

Kwe Parker has over 18 years of real estate finance experience and he is a graduate of Marylhurst University, one of the nation’s only real estate finance curriculums. Whether home improvement lending, FHA rate reductions or luxury home construction mortgages, Kwe has a rare diversity of experiences to help clients with simple and complicated mortgage needs. Since 2003, he has originated and managed over $1 billion dollars in mortgage originations nationwide.

He released this book to answer the many questions that potential home buyers frequently have when contemplating buying a home.

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

  1. National Association of Mortgage Professionals
  2. National Association of Real Estate Brokers - Affiliate
  3. National Association of REALTORS - Affiliate

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Kwe Parker – Real Estate Expert, Author & Speaker
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Website: www.KweParker.com
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