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The Simple Guide to Buying Your New Home

The Simple Guide to Buying Your New Home gives home buyers the key information they need to make wise decisions and avoid costly mistakes. READ MORE

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    Discover how to get the best deals without making the offers unappealing to sellers.

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    Locate good deals in any market that fit your budget and buying requirements.

  • Helpful Resources

    Discover the latest tools and technology that make home buying easier.

  • Expert Guidance

    The author and his team are available by phone to guide you through the process.*

About the Author

Kwe Parker has over 18 years of real estate finance experience. Since 2003, he has originated and managed over $1 billion dollars in mortgage originations nationwide. Whether home improvement lending, FHA rate reductions or luxury home construction mortgages, Kwe has a rare diversity of experiences to help clients with simple and complicated mortgage needs. READ MORE

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